Real Pearl: The Gemstone for Moon

Pearl (moti)  is worn to get the auspicious results of Moon. Pearl is considered cold and soft. In Sanskrit, it is called as Mukta and Indurakt. In Urdu, Hindi and Marathi, it is called Moti. The pearl extracted from the oceans is long, flat, or sometimes shapeless

Moon is the lord of Cancer sign; so Astrologers advice to wear, but it is always good to wear a Real Pearl for anyone no matter what their sign is. Pearl is the gemstone of Moon. This stone represents love and happiness of mother, heart, and good for those staying away from home. If you want to get the support for  export and import, milk products, business and love, it is beneficial to wear Pearl. 

On a Real time Pearl is also favorable for those who are short-tempered. Its positive influence may reduce their anger and gives peace of mind. It also increases the concentration powers of the person.

It is also said that If the person uses the ash of pearl, he gets physical strength. This ash of pearl also gives relief and peace of mind. It helps to reduce eye diseases, blood pressure, cough, heart problems and gastric problems. It can also be used to cure the stone problem of stomach, please consult proper professionals before using for any kind of medical purposes.

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What is luck?

This is defined differently by various people! Where other ways look flimsy in getting a thing or succeeding in our effort we often depend on luck.
Lucky Maya_Luck

Sometimes, a person may be so close to success yet miss the bus. It is difficult to say why it happens that way. Despite best efforts a person fails to succeed. Some religious scholars attribute this to embarking on issues at the wrong time. Rahu kalam as it is commonly known as is said to be responsible for debacles and failures. So the religious and superstitious undertake work/jobs only after the rahu kalam is over. However, despite the effect of so called Rahu still some people succeed: this can be luck or can be attributed to a person’s good deeds in the past life.

There are a number of people who use this word loosely by luck, as luck would have it, dame luck smiled upon me…..and so on.

Lucky Scientific benefits of Rudraksha Mala

Lucky Scientific benefits of Rudraksha Mala

Most people are unaware that there is a constant bioelectrical signal flow throughout the body even when we are fast asleep; this due to the difference in potential(PD) between various parts of the body. Certain mukhis of the Rudraksha beads have specific factor of resistance, which is measured in ohms. These beads have the power to resist the biochemical flow thus generating current depending upon the resistance they face. The current produced, although microscopic in nature, works in tandem with the heart beat, consequently transmitting impulses to the brain.

Lucky Rudraksh_Luckymaya

As a result, these impulses activate certain positive chemicals in the brain generating more energy making us feel better. It is well known that brain is directly responsible in keeping the body in good trim and affects one’s personality. So, mukhis of rudraksha beads have tremendous power to control the entire human body. Go in for one and discover this open secret!

Luck by BirthDAYS

Luck by Birthdays!


Interesting? Yes indeed. It is common to hear people seeing a just born baby coming out with different expletives: Looks like the father, eyes resemble mother’s , child is a confluence of both mother and father …and so on. However, much luck also is attached to the day a child is born!
Just run through these superstitious beliefs:
Monday’s child is said to be fair of face
Child born on Tuesday’s is said to have a face full of grace
Woe haunts a child all through if born on a Wednesday’s!
All do walk an extra mile to gain success but Thursday’s child has even farer to go to meet with success!!
How can love be far away: it is said that a child opening the eyes in this world is sure to be loving and will possess a giving nature!
Some do not work yet enjoy life to the fullest! But Saturday born child works hard to eke out a living
Well! Well! Sunday child verily be lucky, thin to the core, but wise and merry throughout the life.

Superstition is an in-thing even in Modern times!!


Superstition is an in-thing even in Modern times!!

Superstitions are galore around the world. They have been there since man came to understand his environment. Nature is a good educator, it is said. Some things happen on their own some by sheer force of natural impulses. Some are good some are disastrous. In the past people would embark on long voyages on auspicious occasions. They believed that doing certain jobs at the right time is always successful. Superstition exists in different parts of the world in different forms and the culture and natural surroundings. When it comes to luck we often hear of people talking about good luck or bad luck. Both kinds of luck are attributed to some kind of superstitions. Superstitions become a kind of religion to many people. Interestingly, practically all people believe in superstitions but vehemently deny in such gibberish! According to Oscar Wilde superstition is the religion of feeble mind. Most rationalists denounce this saying it reflects the lack of confidence in people. Whatever be the stand of various cross section of society. Almost everybody uses the word ‘luck’ – good or bad in various contexts.
The following gist refers to a few good luck superstitions. They are not confined to one particular country but across continents
1. Steeping on your shadow
2. Black cat walking up to you
3. Putting sugar into the cup before tea decoction
4. Seeing a lost horseshoe
5. Right hand itching(earn money)
6. Blowing out all the birthday candles in one go!
7. Putting a mirror across your door.
8. Seeing a white cat in a dream
9. Catching the first autumn leaf falling
10. Seeing a white butterfly during the year.
There are hundreds more which vary from country to country. Remember superstitions are not grown out of human imagination but years of observations and experiments. They are gathered buy word of mouth and passed on from generation to generation.
Bad luck? You said it! Many happenings around us are believed to have a direct impact on bad luck too. In fact people refuse to do certain work/ job when they find it may not be successful. Calipurnia, wife of Roman dictator sees a frightening dream the previous night about Caesar’s murder. She tries to persuade him not to go to the Capitol but fails. Rest is history.
Here are a few popular bad luck superstitions. We suggest to our readers either to accept or pooh pooh them!
Bad luck superstitions
1. Dog howling at night(not barking)may mean death is near
2. Hooting of owl in the garden
3. Itch in the left palm (indication of losing money)
4. Whistling at night (nightwalker may visit your home)
5. Opening the umbrella indoor
6. Dreaming of dogs is indicative of earning enemies!
7. Breaking a mirror can bring a bad luck for seven years!
8. Walking under a ladder
9. Cat sneezing thrice can bring a day of rain
10. A crow calling on your roof may be a harbinger of visitors

Black Onyx Gemstone Egg

Black Onyx gemstone Egg

Human Beings is almost always under the influence of planetary movements.

His/Her behavioral propensity is the result of their negative or positive movement. However, nature too has offered some remedies to counter the negative effect of planetary movements on man’s behavior.

One such gem is the black onyx. It has been bestowed by nature inexplicable power to counter negative energy and revitalize sagging positive energy to the advantage of the individual. It has that extra something to rebuild confidence, courage, and drooping morale to move ahead in dire situations.

Black-Onyx-FactsMan often flinches in difficult situations, a sense of defeat overpowers him, this is self defeating and often leads to emotional wreck. Black Onyx has the power to consolidate the psychic energy to stand up to such situations with singular dedication. The gem is worth its value in real terms. If you are one of them under duress take home Black onyx and see the difference it makes!

Luck with Quartz crystal tree

Luck with Quartz crystal tree

Energy is behind all activity, and positive activity is very essential to growth and evolution.

Quartz crystal tree has all the trappings of generating positive energy all around wherever it is grown. It has the power to energize the environment with positive energy and offset such powers which negate its expansion. Its geometrical and even growth is said to be responsible for its positive energy. That is not all: it brings good luck and a host of other benefits like peace, tranquility, warding off evil spirits and such ethereal powers that come in way of its growth of harmonious relationship between individuals living within the house.

It’s presence in the bed room, at the doorway at the main entrance has been found to have remarkable effect on the inmates and brings good luck. Considering its powerful presence knowledgeable people have a quartz crystal tree in their homes; why not you!Gem Stone _Gemstone _Tree (1)

‘Yell Luck’ with Yellow quartz gemstone

‘Yell Luck’ with Yellow quartz gemstone

As the name suggests the gem is yellow in color. Interestingly the sun, the life line on earth appears, the same way most of the day till it sets. Saffron too has the same color. Saffron is a curative and protective herb .Wearing this gem generates a positive effect on the wearer.

Luck rides high on the wearer.

Yellow is soothing to the eye, it offers inexplicable joy to the beholder. It is a symbol of joy and cheerfulness; the gem raises the wearer from gloominess and indolence. In demanding situations when a person is laid down with despair it offers a vent to reduce agitation and nervousness.  Often owing to depression persons feel exhausted and unable to get over this condition. No amount of medication seems to reduce the condition. In such situations the gem takes care giving a fillip to the depressed mind to raise the person to higher mental state thus reducing anxiety.

With such innate natural traits it goes without saying it is worth sporting one to reinforce one’s persona. Quite a few have benefited by the gem’s power.Yellow-Quartz-lucky-maya

Logic of Tiger stone Gemstone

DSC_0751Logic of Tiger stone Gemstone

It is said dame luck is yours if you try. But try as much sometimes one would find that fortune is not coming one’s way

Tiger eye gem stone has an uncanny power to lead you towards your fortune by its inherent energy. The wearer is powered to do result-oriented tasks without his own knowledge! The reason is not far to seek. The stone propels the wearer to higher level of understanding enabling him to do the right task in an unconscious state of mind.

But while being in that state he will still be firmly attached to the mundane world. Another interesting feature of the gem is its ability to revitalize the body and mind to stand up to vicissitudes that occur in the body and mind.  This aside the gem betters the logic sense which is very essential in day to day dealings. Having said this one should not lose sight of its spiritual and meditative powers.

Its various qualities help in both these aspects. Check it ou, adorn it see the difference it makes in your life.

Tiger Eye Gemstone – Stone Of Vitality And Practicality

Tiger Eye gemstone is actually a solar stone of physical action, practicality, and vitality. This stone inspires the root chakra connected to Mother Earth. Tiger Eye gemstone gives a sense of being logical, grounded, and calm. It is also a gemstone of mental clarity. The stone triggers the sharpening logic, intellect. Why-Should-You-Use-Tiger-Eye-GemstoneTiger Eye gemstone rejuvenates the body to capture tasks and gives one the power to come out of discouragement and fatigue. Gemstone is member of quartz family, and a silicon dioxide mineral. It has beautiful bands of brown and golden ray that unveil chatoyancy, an optical reflectance effect reasoned by the fibrous structure of gemstone that is similar to form of ‘oeil de chat,’ cat’s eye.

Doing meditation with this gemstone can support one to move in a higher consciousness level, while lasting grounded. Tiger Eye gemstone brings balance and permits one to get the harmonies center between all forms of polarities. It permits one to see both sides of disagreement. Tiger Eye gemstone helps to physical vitality and energy, and supports to enable cell metabolism and respiration. Gemstone also adds power to endocrine system and blood fortifier system. It brings biochemistry in balance.