Astrological Importance Of Tiger Eye Gemstone

Tiger Eye is a sun ruled stone. The moment you hold Tiger eye gemstone and move it around, you get to see the ‘sunlight’ in it gleam among the brown bands. When you hold it you feel its energy. There is plenty of stable grounded vitality to this gem. It kicks an individual’s mood as in case they were leading the gloom of a house and coming outside in bright, welcoming sunlight.

Tiger Stone Gem Stone Egg

And due to this, it is a Sun ruled gem, the confidence, which come through the Sun is also a prime portion of this gem’s energy type and expression. Tiger eye just makes individuals feel much more confident and considering in themselves when they wear this gemstone. The wearer becomes the Sun by the standpoint that there is a sense of nice feeling regarding one’s self, having faith in their different capacities and moving ahead due to them.

Journeys of Saturn to an individual’s natal Sun can wear them down and out. It also can press an individual’s confidence also their self-esteem. In case you get these capabilities dissolving in Saturn’s facet to your Sun then wear Tiger eye gemstone to boost.


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