Similarities Between Chrysocolla Gemstone And Other Gemstones

Similarities between Chrysocolla and other gemstones

Chrysocolla contains mineral composition resemblances with other gemstones and it is frequently muddled with Azurite and Turquoise. In spite of these two gemstones, it also shares prevalent properties with Malachite and Limonite. Many other gemstones, which have similarities in color combinations, which can be mistaken for Chrysocolla are Allophane and Variscite and Chalcedony of blue and green color. The colors of these gemstones could be either very light or either dark. Generally single colors such as blue or green in Chalcedony stone would be much foremost.


How to take care of Chrysocolla gemstone –

As Chrysocolla is precious and soft gemstone, it must be handled with lot of care. Perfume’s chemicals can cause loss of luster. Extreme heat can harm the coating of gemstone permanently. In case the gemstone is utilized in a jewelry version, it must not blend with other stone and metals. Utmost care must be taken to avoid it from hitting or falling hard surface, as the gemstone would smash to pieces because of its pliancy.


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