Physical Healing Through Rose Quartz

  • What is Rose Quartz gemstone?

For centuries, Rose Quartz is termed as a gemstone for love that helps in healing broken heart and boost self-confidence of an individual. However, it also has some elements that can cure physical disorders. As per the name suggest, the Rose Quartz is a pink colour gemstone with some of its most effective positive influence on heart as well on body.


  • What are the healing effects of Rose Quartz gemstone?

Rose Quartz is getting used as a love token to women from the middle ages. This gemstone has some great effect on the health of women as it improves the condition of menstrual cycle and fertility in women. Rose Quartz also helps in improvement of blood circulation in the body of a human being and provides refreshment to them. It also has properties that mollify any kind of discomfort and pain. Rose Quartz is also very much helpful in treating health disorders related to heart, kidney, blood, adrenal gland and spleen through crystal treatment. It also cures asthma, flu, coughs, burns, vertigo, wrinkles, varicose etc. with its healing element.

Rose Quartz gemstone also has element in it that improves skin condition by detoxifying and purifying it. It is also believed that this wonderful gemstone improves the complexion of skin by removing any kind of scars and marks on skin.


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