Why To Use Chrysocolla Gemstone?

Chrysocolla is a gemtone that is used to improve the verbal expressions of a human being. It is also referred as a supportive energy stone that improves the communication and make it more loving and clear. It also gets used to clear the throat chakra and increases energy in the words that comes out of your mouth and helps you to select the right word while speaking. Due to all its attributes, it is also termed as a teaching crystal or gemstone.

How-to-use-Chrysocolla-GemstoneIts uses:

Chrysocolla gemstone puts very positive effect on most of the chakras of our body and helps in energises them. It acts as a mediator to bring the powerful and loving power form the chakra of the heart to the chakra of throat and improves your communication. It enhances your communication ability that gets added in your personality. It also acts as a soothing and healing energy for your body and releases stress from your body. Many of the crystal healers also use this gemstone to treat thyroid related problems. Person who wears this gemstone have a proper control on his words even in a stress and anger. It has the ability to treat many more health issues related to these chakras of your body.


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