Rose Quartz Cures Insomnia

Everyone requires a peaceful sleep after a long hectic day. However, many times due to stressful life and or any kind of unfavorable situations some people losses their sleep. In such case, many crystal healers suggest Rose Quartz gemstone to get rid of this problem without any medication.rose-quartz-InsomniaAlthough, Rose Quartz crystal is known as a gemstone to heal problems related to heart, it has also been used as a solution to cure insomnia. Individual suffering from sleeping disorder can keep this magical gemstone under their pillow to get a peaceful sleep even in most stressful situation. Rose Quartz is also referred as a love stone that heals your heart by opening all four different chakras of your heart and enhances you love for your family, romantic love, platonic love and the most important self-love. It also helps the wearer to get rid of stress or tension and get a sound sleep in night. This crystal helps in bringing lots of happiness along with it and offers a soothing effect to your heart. It also helps an individual to increase their self-esteem as well as self-worth. The hidden attribute of this gemstone is the transition to the sleep mode from wakefulness.


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