Rose Quartz – Heals Heart Problems

Rose Quartz is a gemstone that is directly associated with heart and helps in establishing love and peace. This crystal helps in opening all four chakras of the heart and purifies the heart by deep healing as well as self-love. This gemstone also provides very soothing, calming and reassuring effect on the heart to cure any kind or trauma in connection with the heart.rose-quart-heart-problems

This gemstone is also considered as a March Stone. It helps an individual to get excellence in a relationship by restoring harmony, trust and unconditional love for others. It also removes all kind of negative energy from the heart as well as the body of an individual and increases loving vibes in them. This crystal known for love strengthens sensitivity and empathy and helps in adapting the changes of our surrounding. Due to its attributes, it is also termed as a gemstone to heal crisis of mid-life.

It is considered as a best healer for any kind of emotional breakdown. It helps the wearer to release all kind of emotional pain of their unexpressed feelings as well as any kind of heartaches. It helps in overcoming depression caused due to relationship failure. It helps the heart to open up and accept the changes much easily. Above to all these it also cures problem related to adrenal, kidney and alleviates vertigo.


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