Power Of The Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite is a most beautiful and powerful gemstone available in different shades of color orange. It is associated with the planet ‘Dragon Head’. It is very effective in treating problems related to the mind such as mental trauma, depression, insanity and indecisiveness. Individual suffering from any such kind of mental trauma can wear this gemstone. It also helps in improving sharpness and capability of mind.hessonite_orange_facets

It is very important to keep some important points before buying Hessonite gemstone as even a small mistake can lead to many side effects of this magical crystal. While buying this gemstone make sure that Hessonite is reflecting honey color from it and the transparency and clarity also matter a lot while getting any kind of gemstones. A delicate, clear and lustrous Hessonite gemstone is considered as the perfect gemstone for healing effect related to dragonhead. If all these attributes are present in the gemstone then it will give its maximum positive effect and helps in bringing luck, prosperity and happiness to the wearer.

Hessonite gemstone can be worn in a ring made up of silver and its weight should not exceed 3 carats. It is also considered as a birthstone for the individuals born in the month of January.


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