What Is Spatika Lingam?


Spatika is a semi precious gemstone or crystal made up of continental crust of earth after feldspar. It contains minerals such as silicon oxygen tetrahedral or SiO4. The ideal shape of this gemstone or crystal is a prism consists of six sides on each side of it. There are various forms of Spatika is available, but the most perfect is the one that have a single crystal silica along with electronic or optical properties which makes it perfect for carving various images on it.


In many of the temples in south India one can see the Spatika Lingams. Spatika is considered as a good conductor for heat; hence it has also been used in making mala with its beads to worship Lord Shiva or any other god. Due to this many individual wears this mala to keep their body cool and calm.

Spatika Lingam:

Spatika Lingam has been getting worshiped as an idol of Lord Nataraja since ages in Hindu culture and tradition. Lord Natraja is a representation of Lord Shiva. You can worship this idol of Spatika Lingum with water, milk and vhibhuti to get good luck and fortune. It has believed that this idol brings loads of power and confidence and removes all types of negativity and curses from its surroundings. You can also bring this magical and powerful idol at your home to bring positive energy at your home.


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