Metaphysical & Physical Properties Of White Quartz

The various form of Quartz is getting used as a healing element by many of the crystal experts. White Quartz is one of them, which has its own metaphysical properties as well as physical properties.


Metaphysical Properties:

White Quartz is a clear form of stone that carries various spiritual and metaphysical applications. It contains various projective and masculine energy in it, where as the opaque stone is more of receptive and feminine energy. It is many times considered as snow quartz. The crystal experts believe that the white quartz is good in healing and has an ability to store, receive and transmit various spiritual energies. It has been getting used as a stone for meditation purpose. It stimulates the chakra located near the pituitary and pineal glands.

Physical Properties:

White Quartz also carries various physical properties along with metaphysical properties. It is mostly available in simple crystal shape along with numerous other shapes with a hardness of 7 as per Mohs scale. The structures of this quartz differ from pyramidal, clustered, barnacled, prismatic, microcrystalline, banded and fibrous. The Milky quartz in the form of whitish quartz appears as a translucent in color, which is a result of microscopic bubbles formed due to gas and liquid trapped in the crystal form.


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