Simple Ways To Energize Your Gemstone

It is very important to maintain the positive energy of gemstones to get the maximum effect of the crystal you are wearing. You can do this by removing the negative energy away from your gemstone on a regular basis with proper care and cleansing and purification.


Some of the easiest ways to do purification or cleansing of your gemstones are:

Sunlight: Sunlight or sunrays are the best element for cleansing the gemstones. You can keep your gemstone under direct sunrays for 2 hours. It will energize your gemstone once again with lots of positive energy.

Seawater: You can also use seawater to re-energizes your gemstone. In this procedure you need to keep your gemstone in seawater for at least 7 days. You can also use sea salt dissolved in normal water instead of seawater.

Sea Salt: Sea salt is the great option in the absence of seawater. You can also keep your gemstone completely with sea salt or normal salt to maintain its positive energy.

Running Water: Running-water is also nice way to energize your gemstones. In this procedure, you can place you gemstone in a clean container and put water on it for continuously 2 hours. Avoid using tap water as it consist of lots of chemical in it and can dissolve you stone.


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