Facts Of Black Gemstone

Black Onyx or Black gemstone is one of the most beautiful stones that have been getting used in ornament or jewelleries to enhance the beauty. There are lot of facts and myths about this gemstone. Let’s find out some:

Meaning & Myth of Black Gemstone:

Onyx means fingernail or claws in Greek word due to its resemblance with nails or claws and is considered as a birthstone for people under zodiac sign Leo. It was believed that when the planet of love Venus was resting near the river Indus, cupid was clipping her nails. During that time her nail fell in the river and emerged as a Black Onyx or Black gemstone. Since that period it is considered as a gift from Venus due to which, this beautiful gemstone is considered as a best gift for 10th marriage anniversary.

Black Gemstone

Types & History of Black Gemstone:

This wonderful gemstone is available in black or brown colour with fine stripes on it termed as sardonyx. This sardonyx can be of various shades of red.

Black Gemstone was basically used as a protecting agent from the bad spirit or evil power at the battle field during the ancient time. It has also been believed that it carries properties that enhance the courage and confidence of an individual.


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