Tips To Check Authenticity Of Jade Gemstone

Jade gemstone is basically a green coloured crystal and carries a translucent appearance. You can also find that this gemstone has various other shades such as brown, pink or white. It carries various healing properties along with it. However, to get the maximum benefits of this gemstone, it is important to check the authenticity of this gemstone.

Jade Gemstone

These are few simple tips that will help you to understand the originality or authenticity of this gemstone:

–  To confirm the quality of Jade gemstone, you can use this easy method. Scratch the gemstone with the help of table or pocket knife. The real gemstone will resist the etching with knife; where as scratch will appear on the fake crystal.

–  You can also use 10x loupe magnifier to check the authenticity of the jade gemstone under bright light. A fine fibrous pattern inside the gemstone shows that it’s a real Jade stone otherwise it is artificial stone. A perfect Jade gemstone can be of layered pattern.

–  The real Jade gemstone has a strong cooling property. To check the authenticity of it you can hold it in your fist for few minutes to transfer some heat into it and then keep it on table for 60 seconds, if the temperature of the jade becomes normal that means it’s a real stone.


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