Origin Of Green Aventurine

Aventurine gemstone is crystal that is a combination of various minerals that provides the most beautiful color to this gemstone. It is a good source of positive energy that makes it must in your collection of various crystals. The metaphysical properties of Aventurine crystal totally depends on the color of this stone.

Green Aventurine Gemstone

The beautiful gemstone has mainly been found in the countries like, Tibet, Brazil, China, Russia, Nepal and India. The name of the crystal is derived from the quality of the aventurescence, which actually means the reflective ability of stone. One of the most common forms of this gemstone is Green Aventurine.

The green color of this stone comes from combination of Fuchsite, which is a type of Mica that adds sparkle to this crystal. Green Aventurine carries properties to stimulate heart chakras and boost the relationship of the wearer with others. It also enhances the ability of an individual to accept the changes without much difficulty. Green Aventurine gemstone also has a property that helps in releasing stress or tension. It is one of the best gemstone to enhance the prosperity of an individual. Green Aventurine is considered as a stone for good luck as well as wealth.


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