Rose Quartz – Background & Uses

Rose quartz is a pink coloured stone that is also referred as a ‘Love Stone’ due to its properties of healing emotional troubles.

Uses of Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz is gemstone that has been getting used in various ornaments due to its beautiful appearance. Sometimes, this gemstone is very cloudy for using it as cut gemstone. This gemstone has mainly been used as cabochons, in which the colour of the stone matters much more that the clarity. This stone is very beautiful and attractive gemstone that can be carved into pyramids, spheres, figurines, ornate and obelisks statues.

Rose Quartz

Background Information Of Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz is mostly occurring in massive and rare hexagonal prisms. The very much uncommon crystal forms of Rose quartz still remain a mystery in scientific studies. This beautiful gemstone is mainly found mainly in Braziland due to this the cost of this quartz is much higher. Sometimes, an effect of star or asterism can be seen in the Rose Quartz gemstones. It is most visible in the presence of sunlight. The asterisms that can be seen in this quartz are very much different from the appearance that arises in gemstones like Sapphire or Ruby.


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