Various Facts Of Black Onyx

Black onyx is a form of microcrystalline quartz. The name of this gemstone came from the Chalcedon port that is located at Narmara’s Sea, where it was discovered for the first time and later it has been found in other parts of the world also such as California, Brazil and Uruguay. It was mainly used as the base of gold as well as inlays of various other stone. It has been believed that the onyx is a fingernail of goddess Venus, which fell while clipping in the river. The literal meaning of Onyx is also fingernail or claw.Black-Onyx-Facts

During the Victorian year, it was most popular form of stone that was getting used by the rich women during mourning period. Black Onyx became most popular when the Queen Victoria used it after the death of her husband for almost forty years. The other reason why it became popular is because of the restriction on the use of any color other than black.

In Indian and Persian culture there are lots of superstitions that revolve around the Black Onyx. It has been believed that the Black Onyx acts as a protecting agent from the evil or the negative energy. It is also been used by pregnant women to ease the pain during pregnancy or at the time of delivery. Today also many of the individual uses this stone to get a superior self-control and to reduce to the negative energy from their surroundings. Some of the individual also believe that this stone is also used for enhancing love life.


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