Sun Gemstone – Energy Procurer Gemstone

Sun gemstone is a semi precious gemstone that is directly associated with Sun energy or power, due to its appearance in the sparkling gold-orange shade. It is one of the most popular stone among magicians. They use this stone to get the influence of Sun during their act. It is also considered as a strongest protective stone.

It has been observed that, when this gemstone is placed in front of the light of the white candle, it emits positive energy from it in the surrounding and removes all kind of negative energy.

Symbolically some of the time, sun gemstone is also linked with the moonstone. It helps in getting the influence of sun in the form of protection, healing as well as success into harmony along with the influence of Moon in the form of peace, love and spirituality.

Sun Gemstone

Benefits of wearing a Sun gemstone:

–   It provides additional power or strength to the wearer during stress or any kind of illness.

–   It helps in enhancing the self-healing power.

–   It develops harmony in the functioning in various organ of the wearer’s body.

–   It also stimulates the sexual energy or power of an individual.

Sun gemstone is also very beneficial for stimulating personal power of attraction.


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