Facts About Cat’s Eye Or Chrysoberyl Gemstone

In astrology, the Cat’s Eye gemstone holds a very significant place in reducing the ill-effect of the Ketu Graha. The gemstone belongs to beryl family of the minerals, which has a hardness of around 8.5 when measured on the Mohr’s Scale. Chrysoberyl-gemstone The specific gravity of this gemstone is in between 3.5 to 3.85, which is biaxial in nature. Chrysoberyl, which is another name of the Cat’s Eye gemstone, is termed as Vaidurya and Lehsunia in Sanskrit and Hindi respectively. The effect of the cat’s eye is given to this gemstone by cabochon cutting of beryl mineral that helps it creating the tiny microscopic strands that run parallel to each other, which gives a impression of rotation when the comes in contact or exposure to the direct light and that is main reason why it is referred as the Cat’s Eye gemstone otherwise the actual name of the stone is Chrysoberyl.

Chemical formula BeAl2O4 forms the gemstone. The stone can be found in various shades such as gray, yellow, green and black. The effect of all these shades has different effect in the astrology or as per the Vedic recommendation. The pale yellow coloured Chrysoberyl gemstone is referred as Lehsunia as it resembles to the colour of garlic. This gemstone is mainly very much transparent in appearance and opaque. However, the transparent Cat’s Eye gemstone is much more beneficial and expensive.


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