Gomed Perfect Stone Associated With Rahu

The Gomed gemstone is considered as a semi precious gemstone. Gomedhak, Gomedh, Raju Ratna, Ping Spatik are some of the common terms that have been used to refer this gemstone. Shades of honey are usual color or shade of this gemstone. The gemstone also has a very strong similarity with the owl’s eyes in appearance.


Gomed gemstone is very much associated to the planet Rahu, which is also termed as head of dragon. The effect of Rahu can lead to numerous obstacles in one’s life and sometimes it also leads to conflict, depression, stress and annoyance in life. However, all these problems can be cured to a large extent with the help of this gemstone. It also stimulates the positive energy and works in favor of the wearer.

Gomed is also considered as the best source for mental peace. It helps in reducing the stress level in an individual and helps an individual to bring happiness in their life. It has also been believed that wearing this gemstone provides protection from snake related problems or snake bites. It is one of the best gemstones to individuals belonging to the political field. Gomed is also considered as the stone for wealth and prosperity.


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