Real Facts Of Green Aventurine Gemstone

Green Aventurine gemstone is a transparent to opaque form of the micro-crystalline quartz. It is consist of minute inclusions of glossy minerals that provide a shiny effect to this quartz, which is referred as aventurescence. Inclusion of mica and hematite in Aventurine gives silverish and reddish effect to it.


The quartz is available in various shades such as peach, green, creamy green, blue and brown. This gemstone can be used in various forms of jewelleries as well as in bowls, vases or figurines. It is mainly found in countries like Chile, India, Russia, Chile, Tanzania and Austria. The hardness of the quartz is around 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Sometimes, this gemstone is also mistaken for Jade or Amazonite.

The name of this quartz is also very interesting and accidental. It has been said that in 18th century, when a glass worker was creating a molten glass and some copper filling fall on the batch creating glass, accidently and due to that the name Aventurine was given to the quartz, as ‘a ventura’ means ‘by chance’.

Properties of Aventurine Quartz:

This gemstone is considered as the best stone for the gamblers. The crystal experts consider this quartz as an all purpose stone that helps in reducing stress, enhances confidence, improve prosperity and imagination in the wearer. It has also been believed that the quartz can also be used for improving the vision problems. It also helps in establishing inner peace in wearer.


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