General Information About Sunstone Gemstone

The Sunstone gemstone is considered as a great source of energy, which can also be compared with the power of sun. Due to its incredible power, this crystal is being used by some of the most popular magicians since ancient times. They used these crystals to attract the power of Sun and associated power as well as the wealth. It has been also compared with Phoenix, which appears during the time of sunrise.


This crystal is considered as an Oligoclase that is variety of Plagioclase feldspar. It is also being getting used as one of the varieties of the six species that gets used in the jewelleries formed with the gemstones. Sometimes it is also termed as an Aventurine Feldspar. Labradorite is the other most common species of the Plagioclase feldspar.

It is one of the stone that can be used for establishing joy and happiness in one’s life. It also helps in maintaining good nature as well as enhances the intuition of an individual.

There are basically two types of sunstones, which are every popular. Natural Feldspar is the one form of sunstone gemstone, which resembles to the opal with orange colour that appears with multicoloured flash and fiery. Andesine Feldspar is another form of sunstone that carries colour of copper and referred as Oregon Sunstone.


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