Facts About Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a semi precious gemstone and is getting used in various ornaments since ages or one can say from 250 B.C., when it got selected as sixth stone out of the 12 stones for making Aaron’s breastplate.


It is also considered as the first known as well as most popular gemstone. The word onyx certainly describes a stone with single color that is blue, black, red or green. However, that is not the actual meaning of the word, as in ancient Greek Onyx means the fingernail. At the Victorian era, it has been believed that the onyx stands for the gem’s solid color and during that time itself the Black Onyx wrote the oddest chapter in the history of gemstone by enacting the role of black gemstone, very much similar to the red spinel in Ruby market.

In mid 19th century, during its transition to a monochrome gem from the banded gem, its demand increased to its highest which was somewhat based on its appearance similar to the jet, which was referred as black amber. It demands as well as popularity reached to its highest, when after the loss of her husband, Queen Victoria opted for this gemstone as a form of jewelry for her entire life.


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