Different Calcite Gemstone Carries Different Properties

Calcite is a very beautiful gemstone that has been getting found in various forms and shades. The name of the gemstone basically comes from “chalx” a Greek word that literally means lime.


This gemstone carries special characteristic termed as bi-refringent which actually describes the dual appearance of anything if watched through it and this gemstone also creates dual appearance if watched through it.  Due to this property this crystal also gets used instrument referred as calcite dichroscope that gets used for viewing various colors that gets emitted from any gemstone.

The gemstone has been found in various shades such as pink, red, golden yellow, green, orange, blue and green and is available is both translucent and opaque form. Calcite crystal plays a very significant role in balancing the various chakras of our body due to the presence of the calcium carbonate in it that gets found in our body also. Since the ancient times, the calcite gemstone has been getting used as an energy amplifier. Many of the crystal experts or the astrologers say that the individual who wears the yellow calcite crystal achieves mental harmony and wisdom in their life, whereas the red and orange calcite is considered as energy booster. The green calcite brings emotional balance and blue can be used to get righteous power. An individual can select the color as per their requirement.


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