Cat’s Eye Gemstone: An Affordable But Useful Gemstone

Cat’s Eye gemstone is referred as cheapest form of gemstone as compare to any other gemstones. However, other form of the Cat’s Eye gemstone, which is referred by the name Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye stone, falls under expensive gemstone category.


Cat’s Eye gemstone is one of the most popular gemstone among people belonging to the business field as it has been said that the gemstone carries a properties that enhances the financial status of an individual.

The gemstone also provides protection against any kind of losses and enhances the power, wealth as well as power status of the individual who wears it. It acts as a security agent against all kind of evil power as well as obstacles such as the ill effect of the Ketu.

Tuesday is the day, which is considered as the auspicious day to wear this gemstone. It is can be worn in gold in the middle finger. The stone also carries very strong physical healing properties and is helpful in curing deadly diseases such as cancer. It also cures many sort of allergies mainly related to skin disorder.

To check the purity of the gemstone, when it kept in dark place it shines like the eyes of the cat. It has been mainly been getting found in the southern part of India and the effect of the stone is very quick similar to the gemstone like blue sapphire.


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