How To Prepare A Gem Essence

Gem essence graft in congruence with the human body by relating with bio-sheath. They are self-adjusting and natural. When these crystals are triggered with environmental sunlight, they move their vibrational sign in water, generating a remedy, which is effective, safe and can be used in combination with almost all healing modalities.


The process starts with 12 ounces distilled water filled in glass container and a crystal. People who want to use more than one crystal or gemstone, should add it the existing container. Before beginning, one should meditate. While creating gem essence, one shouldn’t be in hurry, angry or upset. The most favorable behavior should be energetic, relaxed, loving and clam. Lets start with the process:

The Preparation:

  • If the temperature is above freezing level, place the glass container outside with its lid covered for more than 24 hours. Place the container in home if the temperature is below freezing level.
  • Now with the help of sterile tongs take the crystals out of the container. Now take some water and pour it in one ounce of amber dropper bottle. This is called as mother tincture. Put the rest of the water in refrigerator.
  • Take 8 drops of this liquid  and sprinkle it in your home or work place twice a day, it is highly recommended to do at 6am and 6pm. It is advised to be completely focused, if you are spiritual you can sure do some chanting while sprinkling it. This is not to be used for any kind of human intake. The very purpose is to make the gem power to energize the place you live and bring more positive vibes.
  • The same can be used in business places and offices.
  • Spray it by keeping the spray bottle around a foot away.
  • Gem essence is quite safe but still keep away from children, plants and pets.

Cautionary Measures: Avoid usage of stones that flakes in the tincture. Don’t use stones found in the Mica family or even the soft stones or dyed stones.


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