Know The Charming Properties Of Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is one of the most fascinating gemstones, which sometime get confused with the turquoise due to its luster and its color. The gemstone is also called as crisocolla and gem silica.


The word Chrysocolla has been described from the Greek word chrynos and kola that literally means gold and glue respectively. It has been believed that the in the 315 B.C.E Theophrastus used this name and it is the name of the material that has been getting used for bonding gold in the ancient times.

Chrysicolla is an opaque that mainly appears in blue colour. Sometime this gemstone has also been getting used in combination with the other minerals that includes malachite, turquoise, azurite and quartz that creates some of the remarkable textures and patterns and it appears much harder as compare to the pure chrysocolla. However, chrysocolla is soft form of gemstone, which has hardness of around 2 to 4 on Mohs scale, which is softer than the turquoise.

The gemstone is also referred as the gemstone of peace, wisdom and prudence. The stone is very much popular among Native American and it has been getting used for strengthening the resistance of the body and enhances the feeling of satisfaction and calmness in an individual. The gemstone is one of the most popular among artists as it helps in enhancing confidence and ease fear.


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