How To Care And Cleanse Gemstones?

As gemstones hold vibrational energies, they can be pretentious by energetic impurities, which they are intended to exempt. These off-balance energies can be assimilated by gemstones as they are shipped, handled and utilized daily. To clean these unturned energies and restore gemstones to top performance, clean gemstone frequently so they offer at their highly capability.


Smudging – It is the most favorable method of cleaning gemstone. It is safe for all types of gemstones. To smudge you can also use cedar, incense, and sweet grass. Take out your gemstone from wafting smoke. This way your gemstone will be cleaned.

Salt Water – Put one teaspoon of sea salt in one cool water glass bowl. Place gemstone in that mixture but make sure the stone entirely covered by water. Allow the gemstone to soak the water for almost 24 hours to restore and refresh. This process cleanses off bad energies, and rejuvenates them by healing energy activating the stones important qualities. Keep in mind some of the gemstones, which are soft, are very friable and can be harmed by cleaning in salt water. These types of gemstone must not be treated with this method.

Flower water – Soak your stone in petals flower water like honeysuckle, orange blossoms, rose for 24 hours to eliminate all bad energies. In the case much friable stones, fill a bowl with rose petals and put your gemstone jewelry on petals bed.


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