How To Clean Costly Gemstone Jewelry?

In case you think that you can clean your costly gemstone by yourself then here are some tips that will help you –

First you must make sure that you have to clean all kinds of oil and dirt from your gemstone jewelry, which build up on jewelry the moment you wear it. The ideal way to do it is to polish the jewelry by clean piece of cloth.


Once the entire oil and dirt is removed from surface, you need to scrub jewelry so as to eliminate the hard dirt that has been accumulated on surface. The correct way to do this is to move ahead and brush the rings with the support of brush with smooth bristles and easily available jewelry cleaner.

Make sure you clean your gemstone jewelry completely. You should start it through just selecting to scrub the prong area. Actually, you must start from internal part of jewelry design and after that move on towards outer side.

Then you should take a bowl and fill it by lukewarm water. Then you need to submerge ring in the water for some time. This process will let the soap residue also the dirt to be vanished in thorough manner.

Once you take jewelry out of water then you would need to move ahead and dry the rings by using soft towel.

Once you are definitely sure that your jewelry is completely clean you can move ahead and wear jewelry.


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