Chrysocolla Gemstone – Heart Healer Gemstone

Chrysocolla gemstone is an amazing mixture of colors. The gemstone itself can range from green shade to blue shade similar to turquoise. Mostly it will be mixed with other stones like turquoise and malachite, making a delightfully shaded mixture of greens and blues, which mix and swirls to form 1 of the most breath taking gemstones on market.Chrysocolla-Gemstone

Has somebody broken your heart and left you incapable to even thing about probably being able to love somebody else? They Chrysocolla gemstone supports to heal your broken heart and open up the communication lines so healing can start on both the sides. Being capable to keep your heart open to love is possibly the most essential thing we can do in our lives. It supports to achieve us on so many levels and putting a securing wall around your heart flasks up the healing energies, which flow from heart and can cause all kinds of mental and health concerns in case we do not release the energy.

If anxiety, guilt or fears are holding you down or keeping you away from becoming what you can be in your life, try keeping more or one Chrysocolla gemstones around. They can wash those bad energies away and leave your inner harmony and acceptance, also in case everything around you is falling separately.


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