Structure And Distinct Features Of Rose Quartz Gemstone

Now you must have understood what rose quartz is and what powers of this gemstone are. Today we are going to see its structure. Generally Rose quartz is made as perRose Quartz trigonal crystal symmetry. Crystal symmetry’s system contains of 1 vertical axis of symmetry and 3 horizonal axes of symmetry, all horizontal axes being of similar length.rose-quartz-Facts

Rose quartz containing those of Rose Quartz generally takes the type of 6-sided prisms whose faces might be striated at right-angles to length of crystals. The pink-red shades of rose quartz are because of the availability of metal titanium as ‘impurities’ in the structure of quartz. This is the similar way in which numerous types of quartz are colored as they are – the specific color being because of the concentration and form of ‘impurity’ available in addition to oxygen and silicon atoms, which form the major quartz structure.

The feature which makes Rose quartz gemstone different from other gemstone is, its hardness = 7, conchoidal fracture. Colour in a huge range of shades of pink. Shades of Rose Quartz differ as per concentration of titanium in silicon dioxide structure, the type of structure, and post-mining processing like smoothness and cleanliness of polishing.


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