What Is Gemology?

Gems have the authority to bring light in one’s life. With the support of right gems, an individual can get out of risk and also keep in protective for long time. Beautiful gemstones can really eliminate bad dominance, which planets may have on your life. With Gemology, you learn the dominance of gems. How certain gems can carry good luck to you in immediate span of time and how you can take the right gem for you, are all mentioned in gemology with orders on precise date, hour and time of wearing the gems.natural-gemstones

In astrology, gems have very essential role to play. Each gem is different and has link with specific planet, which can regulate planet’s dominance. For instance, topaz is connected to moon. It represents happiness, creativity, and clarity. Blue sapphire is connected to Saturn and known to solve any serious problem in very few days after it is worn.

Mantra and Gems have always been connected to each other. Each gem, when being worn, requires you to chant mantra to bless the gemstone. Even today, apart from effectiveness of gems, they also own great outward show. You can purchase gems just because of its pure beauty. However, each gem doesn’t match each personality.


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