Gemstones And Numerology

Majority of mystic or occult systems give special value on the usage of gemstones for dominating the planets in such a way that they have beneficiary effects on an individual’s life. Each sign in astrology and every number in numerology have connection with gemstone that pleases the ruling planets of signs or numbers.

Gemstones-And-NumerologyDespite of appeasing the ruling astrology planets, gemstones also possess amazing healing properties. In case some gemstone heals skin concerns or troubles heart, other supports in lowering high blood pressure and clearing anxiety and stress. Gemstones have also proved to have effectual capacities in raising concentration, determination, and memory. Gemstone’s colors have prominent impacts on user’s mind.

That’s true gemstones can carry out miraculous moderations in your life because of crystal power they hold. However you need to make sure that you are utilizing gemstones, which suit you. Numerology is very trustworthy way to get the gemstone, which can do magic for you. Each individual has life path number, destiny number, and birth number. Which gemstone should be worn? So it is depend on one’s destiny number and life path number.


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