Quick Effective Magical Gemstones – Cat Eye And Gomed

Cat Eye Gemstone – cats-eye-stone-751731-250x250It is connected to Ketu. Cat eye gemstone is opaque stone and hot is constitution. It is considered that wearer gets security from his enemies by its powerful mystical impact. Majorly it is worn to win legitimate battle. People of Meen Rashi people usually wear it. It is also called as Lehsunia. In case Ketu is located at unfavorable position in horoscope and releasing problems then this stone can give quick relief. It is considered that it has therapeutic properties too and it can save from various diseases such as infections, leucoderma, hand and leg diseases. It also saves wearer from imprisonment, unnatural death, sorrow, and bad dreams etc.

Gomed Gemstone – 24It is also known as Hessonite and Gomedhak. It is connected to Rahu. Gomed means color of cow’s urine. It offers peace from anger, mental conflicts, sleeplessness, enemies, court dispute, false allegations, and instability married life. Gomed is not general stone that must be worn by anybody on basis of his zodiac sign however should be just worn by a person whose horoscope Rahu is not at a good place or in Rahu mahadasha. It also secures from disorders such as epilepsy, piles, blood pressure, cold, sinus, eye infection, and fatigue etc


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