Magical Uses Of Unakite Gemstone

While looking at highly shining Unakite stone, it is simple to imagine an arena of green growing plants with beautifully warm peach color flowers for it frequently seems like slice of scene was cut out and quickly frozen in stone, which will call Unakite.


Hold this stone or hand one from chain at heart level to lure bad energies from body and clear blockages from heart chakra. Wear one stone in spell casting to give you much confidence in acting the spell. This frequently happens when casting specific spell for 1st time or when other people are involved and you are used to move solo. This can highly raise the spells power.

Wear Unakite gemstone at anywhere on body to form your whole system. This is an exclusive stone for time when bad thing has you out of sorts. Wear or hold this stone and let the energies to take away heartache and pain.

A huge specimen makes good gift for anybody in ill health or any other form of fragile condition due to its nurturing capability on human. In case a huge specimen is not available, including a tumbled stone or 2 as decorations in live plant can cherish them while healing.


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