Features Of Faulty Cat Eye Gemstone

Cat Eye gemstone is worn to get favorable results of Ketu. It will support to improve results from house and symbol in which Ketu is situated. Cat eye gemstone is also known as Vedaryu, Baal Surya, and Vidur in Sanskrit, Lehsuniya in Farsi and Urdu. A genuine Cat Eye gemstone has few white lines flowing through it.cats-eye-stone-751731-250x250

Faulty Cat Eye gemstone must not be worn as it might cause harm. In case you see following features in stone, don’t wear it –

  • In case there are white spots in Cat Eye, it might cause physical difficulties to an individual.
  • In case there are brown color spots on stone an individual might have loss in business.
  • In case there are 5 or more lines on stone, it is ineffective and inauspicious.
  • In case there is a sight of blood red color on this stone, an individual might get involved in lawful hassles.
  • In case it has numerous colors, it will raise the physical problems of innate.
  • In case there is no gloss in Cat Eye it marks the wealth of an individual.
  • Gemstone with net such as lines is not positive for life-partner of native.

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