Heal Anxiety With Rose Quartz Gemstone

Rose quartz gemstone holds calming energy, which offers a feeling of relaxation from fears and worries. It is an ideal stone for healing anxiety because it makes you feel cared and nurtured for. Having Rose quarts gemstone is like being held in earth mother’s arms. Rose quartz gemstone is an effective stone to wear or carry as healing stone jewelry. It is a best heart chakra healing crystal. Keeping piece of Rose quarts stone under pillow can support to alleviate insomnia or nightmares. Give Rose quartz gemstone to others as a way of developing mutual respect and friendship.rose-quartz2

In gemstone and crystal healing therapy, locate a piece of Rose quartz on heart chakra, fold hand on it, and imagine your body being wrapped by pink glow. It energizes and balances heart chakra, sometimes dismissing anxiety in a point of some minutes. This stone can be used in combination with other various stones.


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