Unakite Gemstone – Stone Of Success

Unakite gemstone is granite and is made by the mixture of quartz, green epidote, and pink feldspar. It is very hard and compact gemstone that makes it a gemstone suitable for jewelry.  Unakite gemstone was named after Unaka Mountains, which are located on U.S.A southeastern part. It was first explored near these mountains though the name. The presence of gemstone is not only America other than it is now highly mined in South Africa, China, and Brazil.


Unakite gemstone is an olive green color opaque form and is also accessible in green shades. The particular gravity of stone is 2.6-2.7. 6-7 is hardness of gemstone on Mohs scale and it is ideal for any jewellery design. This gemstone’s hardness gives it an edge over other gemstone making it a famous stone. Unakite gemstone is available in ideal quality and it is utilized in lapidary performs like shares, carvings, and eggs.


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