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Superstition is an in-thing even in Modern times!!


Superstition is an in-thing even in Modern times!!

Superstitions are galore around the world. They have been there since man came to understand his environment. Nature is a good educator, it is said. Some things happen on their own some by sheer force of natural impulses. Some are good some are disastrous. In the past people would embark on long voyages on auspicious occasions. They believed that doing certain jobs at the right time is always successful. Superstition exists in different parts of the world in different forms and the culture and natural surroundings. When it comes to luck we often hear of people talking about good luck or bad luck. Both kinds of luck are attributed to some kind of superstitions. Superstitions become a kind of religion to many people. Interestingly, practically all people believe in superstitions but vehemently deny in such gibberish! According to Oscar Wilde superstition is the religion of feeble mind. Most rationalists denounce this saying it reflects the lack of confidence in people. Whatever be the stand of various cross section of society. Almost everybody uses the word ‘luck’ – good or bad in various contexts.
The following gist refers to a few good luck superstitions. They are not confined to one particular country but across continents
1. Steeping on your shadow
2. Black cat walking up to you
3. Putting sugar into the cup before tea decoction
4. Seeing a lost horseshoe
5. Right hand itching(earn money)
6. Blowing out all the birthday candles in one go!
7. Putting a mirror across your door.
8. Seeing a white cat in a dream
9. Catching the first autumn leaf falling
10. Seeing a white butterfly during the year.
There are hundreds more which vary from country to country. Remember superstitions are not grown out of human imagination but years of observations and experiments. They are gathered buy word of mouth and passed on from generation to generation.
Bad luck? You said it! Many happenings around us are believed to have a direct impact on bad luck too. In fact people refuse to do certain work/ job when they find it may not be successful. Calipurnia, wife of Roman dictator sees a frightening dream the previous night about Caesar’s murder. She tries to persuade him not to go to the Capitol but fails. Rest is history.
Here are a few popular bad luck superstitions. We suggest to our readers either to accept or pooh pooh them!
Bad luck superstitions
1. Dog howling at night(not barking)may mean death is near
2. Hooting of owl in the garden
3. Itch in the left palm (indication of losing money)
4. Whistling at night (nightwalker may visit your home)
5. Opening the umbrella indoor
6. Dreaming of dogs is indicative of earning enemies!
7. Breaking a mirror can bring a bad luck for seven years!
8. Walking under a ladder
9. Cat sneezing thrice can bring a day of rain
10. A crow calling on your roof may be a harbinger of visitors


What Makes Gemstones Powerful Healing Tools?

Gemstones with strong energies and profound resonance with human body are the ideal energy medicine tools. Just like other types of energy medicines, gemstone energy medicines utilize the body’s characteristic healing force to grow and diagnose in various ways. Each form of gemstone embodies a new energy, which can concentrate and amplify this healing power and generate particular therapeutic impacts.Chakra Gemstones Ch-Gems

Today, these strong tools for altering health are being embraced by huge number of people and have excited interest of medical and physician researchers. Gemstone therapies perform – both as primary treatments and as pairs to other healing modalities. Emotional maladies, acute, mental complaints, and chronic disorders of all forms have replied to gemstone energy medicine in exciting and unprecedented ways.

How therapeutic gemstones achieve all this?  Researchers tell us that all matter is energy in physical form. Gemstones are definitely no exception. Made around eons, frequently at extreme pressure, the Earth’s gemstones exemplify intense focus of energy. Today people use the physical and energetic properties of gemstones in numbers of technology – for instance, they utilize gemstones in lasers to perform subtle surgeries and in computers to push information around the world. Similarly, we can utilize certain gemstone to concentrate and amplify the body’s inborn energies to elevate our health.

Various Properties Of Green Aventurine Gemstone


The Aventurine gemstone is one of the luckiest stones that bring money and good luck along with it. In Greece, during wartime many warriors wore this stone as an element that helps in enhancing optimism and courage in them.


Properties of Green Aventurine:

–        This stone is considered as a gentle stone that carries calmness and balanced energy in it.

–        It has incredible encouraging property that can be used by any individual belonging to creative field.

–        It can also be used to enhance the confidence, patience and calmness in an individual during difficult phase.

–        This stone is the best to gain prosperity and success in career as well as in life.

Healing Ability of Green Aventurine:

This gemstone is also referred as Indian Jade and is getting used as a healing element since ages.

–        This stone improves the functioning of circulatory system and provides strength to the muscles tissues and blood.

–        It also heals headaches or many general physical problems.

–        This gemstone is also being getting used for treating sleeping disorder.

–        It also carries properties that cure allergies, acne, dandruff, flaking skin or hair loss.

–        It is a multi-purpose stone that can cure many disorders related to mind, body and soul.

Individual born under zodiac sign Cancer, Sagittarius and Taurus can use it as their birth stone.

Benefits Of Black Onyx

Black Onyx is one of the most powerful and wonderful gemstones that has been getting used as a healing element since ages. Its looks resemble to the eyes due to opaque appearance. This gemstone carries various benefits along with it and helps an individual to stay protected from the bad or the negative energy or power from their surroundings.


Black Onyx is a good source of positive energy during the tough phase in life. It has been observed that the gemstone has an ability to repel the negative energy. It also provides protection from the evil eyes or power to the wearer of this magical gemstone.

Many of the crystal experts or healers suggest this gemstone to the individual who is going through any kind of emotional problem as it energies such individual with positive thoughts and energy. Hence, it is also referred as an emotional healer. It also reduces the fear and anger from the individual who wears this gemstone. It carries such elements that help in improving the concentration power of an individual and make him able to stay focused on his goal. It also enhances the ability to accept the changes with ease and relives the old beliefs and patterns.

Change your emotion to Success with Black Onyx

Physical Healing Through Rose Quartz

  • What is Rose Quartz gemstone?

For centuries, Rose Quartz is termed as a gemstone for love that helps in healing broken heart and boost self-confidence of an individual. However, it also has some elements that can cure physical disorders. As per the name suggest, the Rose Quartz is a pink colour gemstone with some of its most effective positive influence on heart as well on body.


  • What are the healing effects of Rose Quartz gemstone?

Rose Quartz is getting used as a love token to women from the middle ages. This gemstone has some great effect on the health of women as it improves the condition of menstrual cycle and fertility in women. Rose Quartz also helps in improvement of blood circulation in the body of a human being and provides refreshment to them. It also has properties that mollify any kind of discomfort and pain. Rose Quartz is also very much helpful in treating health disorders related to heart, kidney, blood, adrenal gland and spleen through crystal treatment. It also cures asthma, flu, coughs, burns, vertigo, wrinkles, varicose etc. with its healing element.

Rose Quartz gemstone also has element in it that improves skin condition by detoxifying and purifying it. It is also believed that this wonderful gemstone improves the complexion of skin by removing any kind of scars and marks on skin.

Green Jade Gemstone – Wear Your Magic

Jade is an old gemstone, it is a strong sign utilized to appeal love. It opens the heart Chakra to love energy. Therefore wear your charm as a Green Jade Pendant. The Jade gemstone carry calmness of the mind through releasing bad thoughts, powers your mental faculties, and helps in clear reasoning. Jade gemstone is famous as prosperity charm and good luck from many centuries and wearing it in jewelry will definitely support you to attract wealth.Green-Jade-gemstone

Green Jade gemstone relaxes the nervous system and it is a magical healing gemstone. Its green color represents growth and green jade fulfills you with positive energy. The smooth green color of Jade gemstone supports in self-healing and supports you to shine in life.

Fortune and passion unite in this lucky Green Jade gemstone. Green Jade gemstone is a birthstone of people who are born in May month.